Do Not Resuscitate

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Do Not Resuscitate Video Embed List

    1. How to Discuss Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders with Patients
      Duration: 11:09

    2. Should You Honor a DNR Tattoo From an Incapacitated Patient? | The Ethics of Medicine
      Duration: 4:17

    3. What is a Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR)?
      Duration: 4:25

    4. TestamenT - D.N.R (Do Not Resuscitate) [HQ]
      Duration: 3:33

    5. How Hospital Reacted to Man’s 'Do Not Resuscitate' Tattoo
      Duration: 4:29

    6. DNR Code Status Explained Clearly
      Duration: 14:10

    7. Is it always right to be resuscitated?
      Duration: 51:15

    8. Do Not Resuscitate
      Duration: 3:19

    9. What does DNR order mean for patients?
      Duration: 1:26

    10. 'Do Not Resuscitate' Tattoo
      Duration: 3:23

    11. "Orders Not to Resuscitate: The Origin of the DNR Order" by Mitchell Rabkin for OPENPediatrics
      Duration: 41:33

    12. Prepper Nurse DNR (Do Not Resuscitate), Living Wills, & Advance Directives: My Story
      Duration: 16:15

    13. How to Have an End of Life Discussion
      Duration: 13:46

    14. Delivering Bad News - An excellent encounter
      Duration: 7:56

    15. My Wishes: An End Of Life Care Story (Patient)
      Duration: 27:40

    16. Do-not-resuscitate requests rarely tracked in Canada, CBC investigation finds
      Duration: 3:14

    17. Jill and Phil say: 'Do Not Resuscitate'
      Duration: 5:02

    18. Cattle Decapitation - Do Not Resuscitate [Lyrics]
      Duration: 3:19

    19. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
      Duration: 3:33

    20. Ohio Do Not Resuscitate law, segment 1
      Duration: 2:25