Pep Guardiola

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Pep Guardiola Video Embed List

    1. Is Pep Guardiola Going To Juventus?
      Duration: 14:45

    2. FIFA scraps 48-team World Cup, is Pep Guardiola the best manager in history? | Extra Time
      Duration: 9:16

    3. Guardiola to Juventus DEAL DONE!! | The SCANDAL that may force PEP to move to JUVENTUS this summer
      Duration: 5:59

    4. How Cristiano Ronaldo Destroyed Pep Guardiola!
      Duration: 4:20

    5. Manchester City 6-0 Watford - Pep Guardiola Full Post Match Press Conference - FA Cup Final
      Duration: 11:08

    6. Pep Guardiola: My most difficult league title win!
      Duration: 15:23

    7. Pep Guardiola's Top 10 Rules For Success [Football Coach]
      Duration: 13:33

    8. How does Pep Guardiola keep Manchester City motivated next season? | FA Cup
      Duration: 3:40

    9. Pep Guardiola's Philosophy: Inside The Mind of Manchester City's Coach
      Duration: 2:43

    10. Pep Guardiola sensationally urges his players to passionately 'hate' him
      Duration: 1:46

    11. Pep Guardiola insists Manchester City can do better after 6-0 FA Cup win
      Duration: 2:25

    12. How Pep Guardiola Improves His Players
      Duration: 5:59

    13. Juve's EPIC trophy celebration
      Duration: 21:23

    14. Top 5 Premier League teams of all time: 1998-99 Man United or 2018-19 Man City? | Premier League
      Duration: 5:05

    15. "Fasten Your Seatbelts" | PEP GUARDIOLA DOCUMENTARY
      Duration: 20:01

    16. How Pep Guardiola Improves His Players

    17. Pep Guardiola: I destroyed football like you destroyed the Premier League
      Duration: 1:10

    18. Vincent Kompany's classic Mic Drop as Manchester City celebrate treble
      Duration: 10:45

      Duration: 9:35

    20. Pep Guardiola's insightful Manchester City tactical masterclass!
      Duration: 12:37