Anthony Davis Trade

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Anthony Davis Trade Video Embed List

    1. The Anthony Davis trade is just the start: This will be a whole new NBA - Rachel Nichols | The Jump
      Duration: 3:48

    2. Lakers 'legitimate contender' after trading for Anthony Davis - Adrian Wojnarowski | SportsCenter
      Duration: 5:56

    3. Lakers may regret Anthony Davis trade, but they had to go for it - Ramona Shelburne | SportsCenter
      Duration: 3:48

    4. Kawhi is in play for the Lakers after the Anthony Davis trade - Damon Jones | Get Up
      Duration: 6:05

    5. Chris Paul is a ‘perfect fit’ with LeBron & Anthony Davis on the Lakers – Max Kellerman | First Take
      Duration: 7:14

    6. Anthony Davis only committing to Lakers through this year is worrisome - Brian Windhorst | The Jump
      Duration: 6:15

    7. Anthony Davis on joining Lakers, playing with LeBron, recruiting Kawhi, more | The Jump
      Duration: 5:46

    8. Anthony Davis introduced by the Los Angeles Lakers | NBA on ESPN
      Duration: 20:43

    9. Lonzo Ball & Brandon Ingram Trade To Pelicans For Anthony Davis - Leaving Lakers & LeBron James
      Duration: 2:53

    10. How the Lakers fill out the roster after trading Lonzo, Ingram and Hart to the Pelicans | Get Up
      Duration: 5:12

    11. Lakers were under 'incredible pressure' to complete Anthony Davis trade - Woj | SportsCenter
      Duration: 4:10

    12. Anthony Davis did not request trade to Lakers, choosing 'legacy over money' | NBA Sound
      Duration: 6:07

    13. Kyle Kuzma had to be woken up when the Anthony Davis trade happened | 2019 ESPYS
      Duration: 5:10

    14. Anthony Davis introduced by the Los Angeles Lakers | NBA on ESPN
      Duration: 20:43

    15. Anthony Davis to Lakers is one of the biggest trades in NBA history - Ohm Youngmisuk | SportsCenter
      Duration: 5:32

    16. Anthony Davis Trade To Los Angeles Lakers & Joining LeBron James - Leaving New Orleans Pelicans
      Duration: 2:59

    17. The Lakers as 2020 title favorites is ‘valid’ – Stephen A. | First Take
      Duration: 7:00

    18. Stephen A. predicts a 2020 Lakers championship if Anthony Davis joins LeBron | First Take
      Duration: 6:42

    19. Anthony Davis makes the Lakers 'a problem' for the rest of the NBA - Scottie Pippen | The Jump
      Duration: 5:07

    20. Why should Anthony Davis have to pay for the Lakers’ mistakes? – Max Kellerman | First Take
      Duration: 7:05