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Jordan Shannon Album Video Embed List

    1. Skip and Shannon react to LeBron passing MJ for 4th on the all-time scoring list | NBA | UNDISPUTED
      Duration: 12:56

    2. Did HeyThereImShannon and Jordan Sweeto Use AUTOTUNE??
      Duration: 5:19

    3. Day in the life of Jordan Shannon 💯🙌
      Duration: 6:45

    4. Shannon, Jordan and johnnie

    5. Who had more help in their career: LeBron James or Michael Jordan? | NBA | UNDISPUTED
      Duration: 13:32

    6. Skip & Shannon debate Does this prove LeBron deserves the GOAT label over Michael Jordan?
      Duration: 12:36

    7. Shannon - Do You Wanna Get Away -1985 /LP Album
      Duration: 37:37

    8. Del Shannon - Runaway with Del Shannon (Full Album)
      Duration: 27:36

    9. Jordan or LeBron: Ice Cube weighs in on the GOAT conversation | NBA | UNDISPUTED
      Duration: 8:37

    10. Michael Rapaport makes a case that LeBronJames will never pass MJ as the GOAT | UNDISPUTED
      Duration: 13:16

    11. Majid Jordan -Afterhours [FULL ALBUM]
      Duration: 36:23

    12. Is LeBron James in the same class as Michael Jordan? (Part 1) | UNDISPUTED
      Duration: 11:08

    13. Why Shannon Sharpe Was 'Disappointed in Michael Jordan's Response' to Trump's Tweet
      Duration: 1:50

    14. Skip Bayless explains why LeBron doesn't come close to Jordan | UNDISPUTED
      Duration: 16:15

    15. Eddie House weighs in on the Jordan vs. LeBron GOAT conversation | NBA | UNDISPUTED
      Duration: 14:27

    16. Skip Bayless Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex
      Duration: 8:49

    17. Nick Wright: LeBron James has already passed Michael Jordan as greatest player | UNDISPUTED
      Duration: 10:40

    18. Pointless - Jordan Sweeto (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
      Duration: 3:46